A collaborative effort between ALONG / Custom Shapes and photographer Alex Postigo (@thefrogeye). David Lopez designer/photographer from Spain is now based in Encinitas, California where he shows his passion for skate and surf through his various shaping styles. Along makes eco-friendly, sustainable handmade limited edition boards using old school techniques.

Alex Postigo is a photographer from Spain who has a unique approach when it comes to capturing the essence of surfing, nature and the ocean. His work has been published in many places such as National Geographic as well as Surfline. His commitment to his work is exceptional as he is constantly traveling the globe in search of new experiences. This past November 2017 photographer Alex Postigo shot a personal project in California in collaboration with Along´s founder and director David Lopez. The idea was to transmit the evolution of the work and process that these new fins undergo. The process shows how the wood evolves from being on land in the form of a skateboard and eventually ends up in the ocean as surfboard fins. The result is a magnificent and unique composition.

To represent and promote THE ETERNAL LIFE OF A SKATEBOARD, Hawaiian free surfer Cliff Kapono rides a Twin Fin shaped by Along feeling the magic of the fins made from a skateboard. Cliff is scheduled to obtain a chemistry PHD from UCSD in 2018. He also has been featured in several international magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, Surfer Magazine, National Geographic, BBC, Surfline and many more.

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Photographer: Alex Postigo / Surfer: Kliff Kapono